How to Get Good Traction With Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes and all other sorts of trainers that are used for court-based games, such as basketball, volleyball and squash, need to offer a high level of grip for the wearer. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that you want to be able to get going fast from a standing start and good grip will allow you to push off in the direction of the ball without slipping or losing your footing. Secondly, a high level of traction from the sole of your tennis shoes will allow you to change direction and to stop quickly without running past the ball you are trying to return.

Tennis shoe manufacturers design their shoes for a wide range of surfaces, including clay hard courts and synthetic grass tennis courts. However, unless you are a professional, you probably only use one pair of trainers to play in. How do you improve the grip of your current pair? Read on to find out.

Clean the Sole

When you clean your shoes or trainers you may not bother with the under-sole and only focus on the upper part of them for cosmetic reasons. However, dirt, stones and even smaller particles — like sand — can all build up in the rubberised sole of a tennis shoe. Over time, the amount of dirt that accumulates will cause the level of grip to diminish. Use a stiff wire brush to remove this grime so that all of your trainers — not just the upper part — continues to look and operate as good as new.

Store Your Shoes Properly

In between games, it is best to store your shoes in a cupboard so that they remain cool and dry. Damp atmospheres can cause mould or spores to take hold, which, if left unchecked, will build up on the soles, diminishing their grip. Place your tennis shoes in a sealed plastic bag and put them in your sports bag with the rest of your tennis kit. This way, the soles won’t come into contact with your other equipment and wear down as you move your bag around.

Keep Your Shoes for Match Days

If you go out jogging or indulge in a practice session or two between matches, then use another pair of all-purpose trainers. Keep your match day trainers in mint condition so that they are ready for competition. Once your tennis shoes start to feel like their grip is wearing down, it is time to make them your second pair and to buy new ones for competitive games.